Vogrie - House

Originally a stable block and nurses quarters, the house has been leased to Girlguiding Midlothian since 1971. 

The two-storey house provides accommodation for 30, a large, bright dining room, newly refurbished kitchen and a separate leaders lounge.
The ground floor is accessible to wheelchair users and has all bedrooms, toilets, wash/shower rooms, dining room, kitchen, utility room, souvenir cupboard, and leaders sitting room.

The upper floor accessed by the stone staircase has a cloakroom, toilet, activity store (see Activity Equipment pdf), and a sizeable craft room. There is no lift access to the first floor.

Soft shoes must be worn in the house and a welly rack is provided to store outdoor shoes in the front foyer.

Floor Plan

Floor plans of the house can be viewed by clicking here.


All beds are supplied with a waterproof mattress, pillow and covered duvet. Visitors should bring their own pillowcase, sheet and duvet cover or sleeping bag. Storage is provided for personal belongings. Locations and sleeping capacities of bedrooms / dormitories are as follows:

  • The Dalhousie dormitory is in the left wing of the house, has 8 bunk beds and sleeps 16.
  • The Rosslyn dormitory is in the right wing of the house, has 3 bunk beds sleeps 8.
  • Uttershill is in the right wing of the house, has 2 bunk beds and sleeps 4.
  • Crichton and Borthwick both have two single beds and are in the right wing of the house.

Bathroom Facilities

The washroom beside Dalhousie dormitory has four basins, two toilet cubicles and two showers, one of which is wheelchair accessible. Please note that we do not have equipment such as hoists and changing mats.

The wheelchair accessible toilet is next to the Dalhousie dormitory washroom.

The Rosslyn dormitory has an en-suite consisting of two basins, one toilet cubicle and one shower.

There is a separate leaders’ toilet and shower room located in right wing of house near the bedrooms.

There is one toilet upstairs near the playroom.

Kitchen / Utility

The newly refurbished kitchen is equipped with an industrial dishwasher, large fridge, electric cooker and urn as well as the usual kitchen equipment and utensils you would expect. We kindly ask you to provide your own tea towels and oven gloves.

The freezer is in the utility room where you will also find a large sink, washing machine / tumble drier, and an outdoor clothes airer.

Dining Room

The dining room is a bright open space and has go-pak folding tables and stackable chairs. All crockery, cups and cutlery is provided in the larder unit. There are two large wall-mounted magnetic whiteboards which can be used to display information/pictures etc.

Cleaning / Laundry

There is a cleaning cupboard with a vacuum cleaner, brushes, dustpan, steam cleaner etc. and we kindly ask you to provide your own cleaning products, washing up cloths, bin bags and toilet rolls.
There is a linen cupboard next to Uttershill bedroom and spare bedding, light bulbs etc can be found here.
We kindly ask all guests to recycle where possible and separate bins are provided as appropriate. 

Outdoor Space

There is a large courtyard which can be used for activities. 
The campsite can be used if not in use and if there is a camp on site, users of the house can use the area behind the trees for outdoor games/activities. 

There is a campfire circle on the campsite – click here for more information.

Leaders Parking

There is space on the left side of the drive for up to 6 cars and these are shared spaces with users of the campsite. Please do not park in the courtyard.