Vogrie - Pre-Visit Information

Access & Parking

Groups can arrive from 2pm.

In the evening, the gates to Vogrie Country Park are locked at sunset however arrangements can be made for groups arriving late.

There is strictly no vehicle access for parents before 6pm unless a member of the disabled blue badge scheme.

Before 6pm and on Saturday and Sunday, parents are permitted to 1 hour free parking in assigned drop-off area (at the top of the drive, next to the walled garden). If staying longer in the park, parents must park in the public car park at the entrance and walk down. There is a charge (£2) to use the public car park.

The speed limit in the park is 10mph



Keys are stored in a key safe which is located at the window to the right hand-side of the front door. The access code will be sent to you prior to your visit.

Keys must be returned to the key safe.



The electricity meter is in the cupboard in the entrance hall. Please take and record a meter reading upon arrival.

All electricity costs are included in the hire charge, and we kindly ask you to switch off lights and appliances when not in use.

You will find instructions for the water and electricity controls on the cupboard door that also houses the electricity meter.


Risk Assessments

Generic risk assessments are completed by the Vogrie Committee and available for reference: Vogrie - Risk Assessments

Please note that it is the responsibility of users to carry out their own risk assessment to reflect the needs of the group using the house and any activities undertaken by them.


Emergency File

There is an emergency file provided which includes information about the fire alarm system, evacuation plans and emergency contact information. Please read this file upon arrival and familiarise yourself with the contents.


Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting

The fire alarm and emergency lighting switches are situated behind the front door. It is important once your party has arrived that you conduct a fire evacuation – please familiarise yourself with the building and fire exits first. Instructions for testing the fire alarm are included in the emergency file.

Please remember to switch on fire exit lights at night and switch off again in the morning. These lights are costly to run.


Recycling & Waste

The wheelie bins are located in the bin shed in the courtyard – please note that these are shared with users of the campsite.

All non-recyclable waste should be bagged (bags are not provided). At the end of your stay, bins should be taken to the top of the drive and placed beside the public bins next to the adventure playground.


Equipment Inventory

The kitchen and dining room are fully equipped. Please provide your own oven gloves, dish towels, toilet paper, rubbish bags, cleaning materials and first aid kits.


Campsite / Campfire Circle

There is a campsite adjacent to the house which can be used for outdoor activities when not being used for camping. 

There is a campfire circle on the campsite. Please liaise with campers if both areas are in use. Use of the campfire circle is at your own risk and the fire pit should be cleared before the end of your stay.



All groups must depart by 12noon.



Cleaning instructions for each room / area are displayed near the door in each room. It is your responsibility to ensure that everything is completed and that the house is left in a good condition. If additional cleaning is required, we may have to impose a cleaning fee and restrict and future bookings.

At the end of your stay please make sure all lights and heaters are switched off (including emergency lighting) and switch off heating and hot water at the control panel. Take and record a final meter reading.



Balance payments are due within 14 days of departure and should be made by BACS payment. Accounts details will be provided prior to your stay.